Kimo Brehm

Marvin Tevaga

Kalani Miles

Matagi is a Hawaiian, Polynesian and Island contemporary band from the island of Maui, Hawaii made up of 3 friends, (Marvin Tevaga, Marvin “Kalani” Miles and Jody “Kimo” Brehm Jr.), who share a love of music and common musical bond. This, their debut album entitled “Valley Isle” is a mixture of Hawaiian, Samoan, Tahitian and Island contemporary sounds which feature cover songs as well as original music created by Matagi. Matagi’s music will take you on a Polynesian journey, as well as take you back to a nostalgic era utilizing contemporary beats and rhythms put to timeless classics such as Elvis’, “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” and a tribute to an island contemporary legend Ernie Cruz Jr.’s “You Don’t Write”. Let the music take you on a journey that is filled with happiness and relaxation as you sing and tap along as if you are right here in the beautiful tropics too. Hope you enjoy the music of Matagi!! Aloha No!!